Friday, March 6, 2009

be alert guys!!

hari ini sangatlah sakit..sakit disini,disitu,disana..arghhhhh..i got headache,stomachache, and my teeth is really2 paintful...i'm so hungry but i dont have "perasaan" to eat any food..makan pun ala kadar jak...this evening,i'm going back to uitm..and will be back home on sunday..sebab ada festival keamanan segajat(FESKES)..i feel so lazy to go this activity but i afraid that if i'm not going..i will a conclusion..i will go! matter what will be happen to me..hehe...oh yeah as a sekretriat jpk..i have a task is..i have to tell u all that we have Paint Day Festival anjuran by JPK on the 20th until 22nd march will be held at carpark usually we provide u all cop kolej...and there are a lot of activities like paintball,watergun war,belon war,colouring contest(only for staff children),costume play, and,please come to all uitm sarawak student..tidak kira kamu senior or junior kah..u all are most welcome!..hehe...lets we make this festival is really2 happening..haha..

oh whom this may concern...i really need u help..
if u guys tauk pa2 aktiviti yang berik cop persatuan..please tell me and let me know ok..
dont be so stingy ok..sharing is caring ryte??..hehe..i kekurangan cop persatuan tok!!..


  1. kurg cop persatuan??
    mlm ni or esk kt dj dak OM anjurkn mjlis..
    but,u hav to buy d ticket..around rm 2 ringgtla..they provide cop..notis ade dtmpal kt ppn notis blok 1..ok!!

  2. aok mek kurang cop persatuan...huuhu..
    adakah? mek xda tgk notis pun..mun kt dj..kan feskes mlm ya dkat dj..lain2 tak tauk I?