Friday, March 13, 2009

i'm so hungry!!..

in my mind right now!..
i could think about nothing else but foods..
i wanna eat every each kind of food..
because i'm so damn starving right now..
like akon songs...
i want to make up right now na na na..
so i changed the word "make up" to..
i want to eat right now na na na na..
i want to eat right now na na na na..haha
gosh!..i dont eat rice today and i
ate burger and maggi only..
ok..i want to go to kitchen and
looking for some food..

dadada...i will update blog later..


  1. i want to eat right now nanana..
    aku mau kn sikalang..nanana..
    mau mkn nyaman2 tp sekda duit..
    cmne tok??

    jwpn:g audi yg closing ceremony 4 info hunt..then go get d free food..haha

    p/s:mbak skali container..ok!!

  2. ahaha..
    palah I tok..hehe..
    eyh ktk da pegi kah closing ceremony ya? kah..mst nyaman2 nak makanan sia..ekeke..
    embak container?..
    boleh jak..haha..ktk bak dolok..bok mek bak juak..ekeke