Friday, February 27, 2009

this week....

i'm not going back home because i have activity like festival kolej (FESKO)...i'm one of the crew for festival,readers you are invited and bring along your family and friend..haha..
right now!!..i'm in discussion room at block 1 and i can online here....every friday,i have no class for one whole day..yeah i like it...

i feel so hungry lah..i'm so starving..but my coupon is already finish lorh...gosh!..pity me..i dont want to eat maggi..coz i dont like it..and i'm so lazy to go to tapau at canteen..malas mok berjalan..haiyyaaa..apa sudah jadi?? i need to go tapau or not?..haha..stupid question..oh yeah before i'm leaving...i like this song..mad by dowh!!..

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