Sunday, February 22, 2009

regret don't solve anything!!..

today i woke up at was so early kan??..haha..bangun2 terus terpikir psl futsal..i wonder how was it's going on today?,i on my handphone and msg my friend..i texted montel..."montel gney futsal tek?..ada org ganti mek x?.."...then she replied.."futsal ok mek org dpt no.2 and nak 6 org jak pemain tek"....i was so part got number 2..yeah suka kmk..i feel so rugi coz i didn't playing futsal for my team..there are so many reason that i couldn't tell you all...why i can't play for futsal today? of the reason is because of my stupidness in decision making...i dont know how to make a good decision for myself..arghhhh..that's my weakness...i felt a lil bit regret today..but peeps said regret don't solve,past is past.ermmm ok..back to my story again...right now!..i just came back from starcineplex..and i watched the punisher 2..i thought that i'm gonna to watch geng movie..but duhal tek tgk cita punisher..i went there with my sis and my lil bro,alif...our movie started at 10.45 and finished around 12 plus2...hehe..after that,we were going back was tiring day..we reached home at 12.30...balit2 terus i menuju ke laptop and was really sis and my lil bro is already,i'm the only one who still berjaga di tgh malam..sedang update blog bkn mok blaja..ciss ingt belajar tek..better study than online right??..but i cant study right now...coz i'm not in the mood to study..heyyy i have test next week..OMG!..i blom blaja gik...actually i dont know topic apa yg, wait and see...

i'm currently listening lady gaga-just dance song feat kardinal offshall remix...yeah...
oh week i'm not going back home because i have Festival Kolej yg akan berlangsung from 28-1 march and Recycle Day on 28, datang lah beramai2...we provide u all cop kolej and cop persatuan...that is for only org yg dtg jak in 3 days...mun x dtg..x dpt cop...ok enough!..

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