Sunday, January 4, 2009

second of january 2009

assalamualaikum and hey readers!!..
yesterday..eyh wait?
not yesterday,the day before yesterday..
i went out all day..
with my roomate and my friends..
it was really exhausted..but i had fun..
kak has,my roomate and farouk,my friend thank you for the food..
i really like it and i appreciate that..and
i enjoyed the food...nyummmyy!!..
i was really2 damn full on that day..
imgine tak org..tengahari ya me with kak has lunch kat scr..
then,ptg gik mek and farouk mkn gik kt the spring..shiooo...
mmg kekenyangan lah gue..
it's good for me to "naitkan" my weight..
and thank you once again kak has and farouk!..

my current mood: happy and tired..;p
tomorrow i'm going back to uitm..huhu...
limewire sangatlah bodo and bodo!..

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