Tuesday, November 25, 2008

6 things that i love so much..;p

taaadaaa..my super duper limited edition watch..haha..toklah jam kmk..haha..my first watch is shell...but it's not working anymore..huhu so sayang!..Now,i have 3 watch..adidas,speedo and i have free watch as a gift from sunway lawgoon...yippi...adidas n speedo is my 17th and 12th birthday present from my parents..haha..mala jak dpt present ah..jam penting juak bah..coz without it we have lost the track of time...

this is my fav pillow..haha..my bantal busuk or can be known as "bau"..because nya berbau!.and disbbkan nya berbau lah..nya nyaman mok dicium..haha..see!..i also have bantal busuk..not only u have it..this bantal busuk telah hadir dlm hidup ku since i was small about 5 or 6 years old like that..i love my bantal busuk so much..i'll bring it wherever i go..mcm nak pegi bercuti2 kah or berambeh tido umah org kah or kt hostel...i'll bring it together with me..haha..i love my bantal busuk sososososo much...

ouchh!..my wallet..sy suka wallet ini..actually this wallet is my 18th burfday present from my sister..thank u kaknyah!..i really2 appreciate that and love u..hehe..wild channel gik ya..best2..then,this wallet is my treasure and it keeps one thousand one secrets of my life...hoho..

my lappy!..it has become part of my life since January 2008..my mum bought this for me..thanx mum and luv ya..yeah!..then it has become one of my routine to play with it..my lappy had save so many things of my assignment,picture,movie,games,music and the list goes on..i love u so much lappy or lappy aleeya jo...hehe

my music player or my mp3..it can save a lot of my favourite music and i can hear it wherever i like..i also can bring this wherever i go..for me,music is my life..i just can't life without music even just for a day..

this is my precious hand phone..hand phone is the love is my life..i just can't live with this thing..it was there through my ups and downs..oh handphone ku..i love u so much..handle with care..yeahh

ok that's all..enough is enough..i'm tired now..so,get out of my blog!..haha..

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