Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Long Story of me...

hye readers!..
my name is aleeya jo..people calls me alia, fara, fafa, fafau, zana, yaya, ya,kak dak, lia, farz, faralia,fazana, two faces(my roomates call me this),elephant(nana the only one who call me this name and i call her panda..hehe) and gigi besi aka,i just realized that i have so many nick names..i'm so wow..born on 21 october 1989 and i'm 19..i'm from kuching, sarawak..i'm currently studying at universiti teknologi mara, sarawak (Uitmcs)..taking course diploma in information management...go IM go..we do it in information..cheh promote course ah..i have beautiful family and good parents and i love them..i also have good cuzen..i have 4 siblings and i'm the second last n and my little brothers always fight until one of us will mengalah...and of course lah aku salu mengalah..i'm always be the loser bah..but i can be the winner too..ahaks..i like my sister so much..sbb nya suka cia and suka bak adek2 nya berjln2..miss u sis klak balit bak mek jln and mek coba drive klak..hehe..and my eldest bro is very kind n helpful..;p

i have good n great and university frenz..i like them all so much..we always make some stupid jokes and then tetak2 sampe pecah perut, share problems and study together..sharing is caring bah..whatever things my friend did to me,he's or she's still my friend..a gud friend always care stick together and will be lasting forever..i dun like to be what..bermusuh2-an..but i like to revenge..haha..oh ya i have ya musuh main2 lah..hehe..i like my roomates so much because my roomates is the best roomates i never have before(kak has da penguin n kak cmah da joker..mst kembang hidung nya duak tok..hehe).. i have special friend and he likes me and i like him too..he is my type..haha..because he's not smoking,agak handsome,smart n kind..haha...i'm so happy because he called me last2 week..b4 holiday and last paper..ok stop talking about him..oh iyupp..i miss my school frenz..huhu..i really2 miss them all so much..mostly they all now tgh sit for stpm examination..gud lucks to u all k..all da best..luv ya!..

i like to eat cheese egg and nasi goreng ayam..hehe..and my favourite drink is teh tarik peng and teh c peng special..ahaks..i love music so much and music love me too., fav radio station is MIX fm..frekuensi nya radio mix sbb nya salu main lagu lamak2..i like 60's,70's,80's,90's songs..and new songs..i'm universal music..

i like to smile to everyone..but sometimes i can be so serious and's maybe because..i'm tension or something bad happen to me..arghh..ok2 serious2 juak but i also like to make some stupid jokes..especially to my friends..haha..i like to disturd people..siap tak org..then,i'm quite a shy person..i'm quiet person also...i'm the spoiler..because i always spoilt people mood and spoil apa2 jua keadaan..wink2..

oh yeah..i'm wearing braces and thats why lah people call me gigi besi..i dun care..hehe..i'm wearing braces since i was 16..form 4 i,it's have been 3 years now i'm using it..i'm the lazy but sometimes can be "rajin" u noe..hehe..kdg2 ya mun dh rajin..rajin gilak2..besides that i'm kind i?..really?..haha..i have strong imagination!..i like to hang out with my frenz n family..i like to draw..i like to playing games and computer..and i also like to cycling..okkkk thats all from me..i dun know what to write dah..ok thats all..thank u..enough k..byeeee2..


  1. Gud2... pengenalan yg menarik dr zana! Wow, u can speak well in English.. unlike me n syemah.. Sgt2 sarawak kind! Haha.

  2. thank u..thank u ninja can speak english well?..neydaaa eyh..boleh2 lah..ktk terer gik bah..hehe..

  3. haha..oh two faces, i miss u. yah betul.pengenalan yg baik.hehe.
    xmaok post entry lam engkish coz english ku tunggang lamggamg.hehe.

  4. wah zana puji eh.mmg kmbang idung. =P
    'i like him'... aaa sapa ya kah.

  5. joker i miss u too..;p
    haha dh agak dh mst kembang idung ktk nak..hehe..i like him?..haha..entahlh mek pun x tauk sapa joker..haha..

  6. Weh, i want to c the courageous person that had capturedtwo face's heart.. Oh yes, Dare to take UNo challenges with me and syemah next sem i ketuk ur bilik we main together k!

  7. oh u want to see ah?..haha..
    he is only my "summer frenz"..hihi..oh okeyh..we main together2 lah next sem k..kta tgk sapa yg terer?..haha