Tuesday, November 25, 2008

5 basics that u should know about me..haha

u should know what is my name?..secondly..,u also should know my age?..then,thirdly u should know what is my interest or hobbies?..oh ya ask me where i live or my origin is?..lastly,u should know how i look like?..oh ya before i forgot..don't u ever never ask me my num?..coz i dun think that i will give it to u(stranger) and dun u wish for me to give my num that easy unless I've known u for ages..i need get to know u first then i will decide it whether u can have my num or not...ok enough said!..aku x mok ngerepak di sitok..hehe..ok get out!!..

peace2 kacang peace k..hihi..


  1. hey farzana. i know everything about. and we r definitely not strangers to each other. but i still dont have ur num. hehe. sob sob.

  2. hehe..
    yess u r ryte fye..we r not strangers..tp benda ya mek tujukan kpd org yg mek x kenal..haha..aok mek pun xda num ktk juak..klak lah kta share2 num kta kt ym klak k..;p