Monday, February 13, 2012

steering lover!!

do you have driving license??yes or no..i would like to say yes..yeah i have driving license and i went to driving class when i was 18 years old..after i had finished my's took me 4 months to learn how to drive and i failed one JPJ test which is parking, i need to repeat it again..alhamdulillah i passed and officially got the driving license on 17 april 2007..thank you to my driving instructors cikgu ismail and cikgu ibrahim...i miss you both cikgu!! hehe..however, i don't have any gut to drive on the road because i feel that i'm insecure and i'm so scared..that was serious ok..then, my dad always advices me and push me slowly to, after been pushed around.. i took car keys and start the engines..vrooommmmm without any fear..yeahh i managed to be brave to drive alone on the road eventually after a long time for being coward..

now, i can drive my mum's car..i only knew how to drive a manual car and didn't know how to drive an automatic car..poor me!!pity me!!..actually, i love to drive manual than automatic because for me manual car is very challenging and need energy especially the hands and the legs to pull,push the clutch,move the gear and others for each every times..automatic car is not so challenging but more relaxing..i really want to learn how to drive an automatic car but nobody want to teach me and my mum didn't allowed me to drive the toyota car because she afraid that if anything happen to that is very costly to repair and the maintenance quite expensive..she only gave me kancil key to drive...huwarghhhh..haha far, i've been drive only 3 types of car which is kancil, kelisa and satria..

weeeehooooo i love to drive like this...hihihi...

oh oh oh wait yeahhhh i forgot to tell you guys that i have two ways in different terms on how to drive..first things, driving cool..i need to drive in cool ways and must in good condition meaning that everything should be ok including my mood and what so ever things..second ways is driving mad..oh yeah, not makes me moody or please don't ruin or spoil my mood..if my mood is not fine during that day..maybe i will drive like crazy dumb ass guys and going to be insane..winkwinkwink...i'm not kidding..this is true..but no worries brain still function very well and i'm just normal human being..(Y) peace!!..