Friday, December 10, 2010

semester 6 result

hye and hello everyone..i'm done with my world war 6 and i've completed my diploma..yeay!.i'm so happy!!..i've checked my final result last night at 12.33 a.m. through my email..starting from this semester uitm have new system where is all the results will be send to the students by email..i like that but i'm not pretty sure this is new system or just for this semester only..i think it should be is better than previous semester because before this, uitm student portal always jam..traffic jam, the server was bad and damn slow...line sucks..keep refresh all the time...gosh!!. i hate it..ok ok..bdw, my result was ok..i love my result so much..i passed all my pointer increased..above target was not so high.. i just want all my papers pass..that's all..and now, i'm so releived and satisfied after checking my result..alhamdulillah syukur kepada Allah s.w.t, i got and made it..thank you to the lecturers, my friends, my group members (salmi,kinah,wan n mira), my classmates ISD6U1, my unimates, my levelmates, my juniors, my roomates, uitm students and lastly of course my mum n dad and siblings!!..i love you all....muahmuah..

besides that, also thank you very much for those who had spent time for me with helping me doing assignment or everything that have been through in the whole semester from me part 1 until part 6..i miss those days very much..huhu..i miss being freshie..haha i miss being in uitm samarahan..i misss my roomates, i miss kolej gading and...i miss everythinggg!! sem, i'm not going to samarahan again..i'm going to new place..which is in shah alam...huarghhh i dont want to leave kuching huhu..ermm not so sure la and i'm still waiting for my degree application classmates told me that this result will be out on 15 december week i guess so...hopefully, i can proceed and further my studies..insyaallah..anyways, congrats to all uitm students have done your best..yeah!!..i want to smile 24 hours ngeeee...that was my facebook status haha...


  1. congrates F..xsaba nk tgu ktk org, baby n kina dtg ctok..cpatlaa!! =)

  2. thank youu I..hehe..yalah x sbr juak mok jumpa ktk gik..hehe sbr2 k..