Sunday, October 3, 2010

tropicana dessert spa!!

finally, presentation ETR already settled was great yeah!!..syukur alhamdulillah everything was running smoothly..i want to say thank you to all team member..thanx for your cooperation and everything..reallyy2 appreciate that..our business is tropicana dessert as operational manager...operational manager quite tough because it is more to budget and have connection to marketing and financial manager...all of us very satisfied about our work..we spent 2 weeks to finish up this ETR assignment...thank god..we can finish it on time but got a few last minutes things to do...sometimes last minute work can help, 1 presentation down..and 4 more to go..hugagagagaga...and also have 1 test this week on tuesday this week, i need to focus and study for test and do assignments...anyways, it is already October!!...haha awesome...

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