Saturday, August 21, 2010

i miss you all!!

The 10 GUY i like the most!!...

1) Mr.Fer..we had been friend for almost 3 years!!
2) Mr.D the one who always help me..thank u..
3) Mr.S i miss ur cutey face..
4) Mr.N u r so handsome guy and i like the way u treat me..very kind!!
5) Mr.F thank you for spending time with me..
6) Mr.P hey, it's been a lonnggg time u didn't text me..huhu..
7) Mr.Lummy..oh world cup 2010..i miss u the shorty captain!! haha
8) Mr.Hyung-Nim the gorgeous korean guy..
9) Mr.Cooper..u r not gay..hehe
10) Mr. secret admire since i was form 4...awwww...

bdw, happy 11th day of Ramadhan to all muslims!!..19 days left..and then, raya!!!..yeah..


  1. ive been wondering, who is that Mr.Q? I didnt have any clue of who he was.

    Bradley Cooper is not a gay? Obviously he was noT! ahaha.

  2. haha...
    Mr Q only me know who he is..i wont tell anyone about that guy..
    yeah he is obviously not GAY!!..hehe
    cooper is mine..ooopss