Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i'm so happy today because i've met my secondary school teacher..cikgu elisza..it's been a long time i didn't see her again since i finished my school 3 years ago..i met her at AM Junction today..yeahh she still remember but i thinks she forgot my name..oh nevermind..it's ok as long that she can recognized me as her ex-student..yippii...she is my favourite school and best teacher i ever had..she was my form 4 and 5 BM teacher..and also my form 5 class teacher..i like her because she was always in good mood and kept us laughing all time..she added a fun on learning which made the topic easy to understand..her class was never boring..ok then i also respect her very much because of her patience,she can stand of the difference attitude or behaviour of my classmates....sometimes she can be really good as adviser especially to student that have problems..she could try to help it..talking about that,i've never got a problems in disciplined..my teachers told my mum that i dont have any problems and i'm very good student in class..haha bukan nk puji diri-sendiri,kenyataan ok..ermm wait not really good in overall but good in discipline only..not included my studies..lastly,because of her also, i got gred A2 for my BM in SPM..thanx cikgu...really2 appreciate that..hehe..;p

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