Friday, May 28, 2010

teen story part 1

once upon a time, there was a teenage girl standing under the tree with doing nothing. The teenage girl just broke up with her boyfriend a couple weeks ago.

Then, she is walking around and taking some fresh air. Suddenly, she saw something at the wooden bench seat. She said.."what is it?? is a gun??..a real gun or just a toy??..She is very speechless because don't know what to do...she also scared and afraid. She took 15 minutes to think about it.

After 15 minutes, she decided to hold the gun and maybe she can use it to kill her ex-boyfriend girlfriend. She hates that girl so much because that girl ruined her life and because of that girl, her boyfriend "play 3 wood"..haha i mean main kayu tiga..and always cheating..

Then, datang one smart guy. That guy is very handsome and cute.

While, he jalan-jalan...suddenly, he was shocked and saw that teenage girl holding and playing with that gun. That guy looks very funny because his hair terangkat bila terkejut.

First, the teenage girl was shocked because that guy came near to her. Actually, she didn't recognized him.. that guy was spying on her.
Teenage girl: hey who r you??..
Guy: ermm..i'm nobody..
Teenage girl:..why you looking me like that with your funny hair..
Guy:..i was shocked..why you have a gun and that gun is pointing at me..
Teenage Girl:..oh yeah are afraid uh?..afraid of gun..
Guy:..of course i am..

The teenage girl still pointing the gun at that guy.
Guy:..heyyy can you stop..and dont point at me..i'm really2 freaking out ok
Teenage girl:...haha..i want to kill you??
Guy:..what?? what the hell are you..i didn't do anything wrong and i even didn't know you..
Teenage girl: haha ok2..i'm just kidding..
Guy:..can you give it to me??
Teenage girl:..ermm let me think first..
Guy: please dont kill me ok..
Teenage Girl:..ermmmm...

Teenage Girl:..ok naaahhhh...
Guy:..yeah thank you...
Teenage girl:..welcome
Then, the conversation stop. Around 10 minutes, that guy got the pistol and he try to pulled it out and shoot. Peng Peng Peng.
Teenage Girl: why??..what is so it a real gun ryte??
Guy:..damn u..this is not a real gun ok..this is a toy gun...
Teenage girl:..erkk.really??..haha...
Guy:..yupp2...haiyaaa...nevermind..thank god that it was not a real gun..fuhhhhh
Teenage girl:..hehehe..ok..bdw, i'm alia..
Guy:..oh hye..i'm fer..nice to meet you here..
Teenage girl:..yeah ok..u too...are you local?
Guy:..yes i'm a local..u also ryte?
Teenage girl:..yupp..

After that, the teenage girl and the guy is knowing each other and both of them is sitting at the wooden bench. At 6.00 p.m..both of them stop talking and out of idea to talk. So, the teenage girl decided to went back home.
Teenage girl: i think i should go's getting dark here.
Guy: oh is already 6.15..maybe you should go..
Teenage girl:..ok..bye2..maybe we will meet again here
Guy: ok..but wait..
Teenage girl:..yea?
Guy:..can i have ur number..
Teenage Girl:..ermm later i give it to you k..i will give it to you when i see u again..
Guy:..ermm ok (frustrated)..
Teenage girl:..mmm hey..that car..i mean BMW it yours? dad's car..why?
Teenage Girl:..nothing..just asking.. want a ride??
Teenage girl:..hehe...r u sure bout that?
Guy:..yes..come on..i send u back home..hehe
Teenage girl:..ok...hehe..

vrooommmmmmm...ok the end..lets the love begin here..hehe..
story by: aleeya jo


  1. miak tk dtg boring la ya..
    but nice love story..
    cney oleh idea?

  2. hehe..tq salmon..
    aok mek boring..idea ya dtg mek tek edit pic kmk pake paint..lalu lah idea nak polah crita ya story tek..

  3. hahaha...funny but niceeee...
    good job!

  4. yeah..haha..tq kak cmah..;p
    klak maybe ada smbungan..maybe mun mek rajin..hehe

  5. yeah..haha..tq kak cmah..;p
    klak maybe ada smbungan..maybe mun mek rajin..hehe