Monday, June 28, 2010

toy story 3

yesterday, i watched toy story 3 and it was awesome, interesting, great movie..i laughed and i cried ermm wait..almost want to cry..sob sob sob..two thumbs up for that movie..i've been waiting for around eleven years to watch that movie again, the first toy story came out when i was 6 on the year of 1995 and the second one came out when i was that was a long time i'm going to be 21 this year..i'm getting bigger..toy story was my childhood favourite movie..that movie was soosososoooo funny..i laughed all the time and suddenly i started getting teary when Andy packing his stuff and he found his toys back..he still loves his toys and appreciate it all..i didn't cry but i was kind of tearing guys must watch this movie...that was definitely an amazing and such a sad movie ok!!..anyway i like Andy and he's kinda a cute and handsome boy..

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