Tuesday, June 29, 2010

gratulations!! ich gratuliere Germany!!..

First goal from Miroslav Klose during a World Cup 2010 second round match against England last Sunday.

Then, the 2nd goal scored by Lukas Podolski at minutes 32..

Next goal was score on 66 minutes by Thomas Muller..which is the 3rd goal for germany

3 minutes after that, Germany got a fourth goal from Muller again…congratulations Germany!!.Germany moving on to the quater finals round..i’m so happy..and congrats to England also..eventhough u didn’t win,i’m proud to be ur fans and England is one of my favourite team but i’m more to Germany side and Spain also..Germany will meet Argentina on the quater finals round…wow,quiet a tough game..am hoping that Germany will win against Argentina on the next match…go Germanyy!!!go philipp lahm!!…go podolski!!go muller!! go ozil!! go klose!!..haha…

i'm currently watching Paraguay vs Japan match..ermm quiet a boring game..because still 0-0..i dont support any team here..it is better i'm blogging or online instead of watching that match..next match..will be Spain vs Portugal..i will support Spain!! spain spain spain..i can't wait to watch but it still have 2 hours more to go before the game begin..ermm maybe i should continue watch korean drama..i'm so addicted now to this drama..it is the best ever korean drama i've never seen before..i love the main character in this movie..so handsome and pretty...;p

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