Monday, September 14, 2009

last week before raya..

*this is my fourth september entry*
*around one hour from now..i'm going back to uitm*
*as usually..again and again*
*..also 24th days of fasting month*
*..5 days left before hari raya..yippi*
* i have one test this week*
*which is on tuesday...IMD 204 subject..ngaaaaa*
*i have two new movies in my external hardisk..yeah..*
*right now i'm supposed to sembahyang subuh but i want to rilex2 first*
*after sembahyang subuh..maybe i will take a bath and packing*
*i only have one hour to do this all things*
*i miss my room at bed haha..and roomate and levelmate...*
*this week gonna be a last week we sungkey and sahur kt uitm*

*so enjoy this week and jom bermaaf-maafan*
*i need to go now...bye2 and good morning..wallaaa...*

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