Friday, September 11, 2009

academic library trip

hye hye hye hello wello bello cello mello...
last 4 days which is monday..7 september 2009..i have grouping project where was we all went to swinburne university group member is wan aka good driver...haha..salmi aka salmon..kinah aka rabbit and me me me...hehe...we went there by car...kereta sewa...we arrived there around 2.20..i guess so..cant swinburne library, we met mr asnan..he is kind and the way he treat us very nicely..swinburne library is very different than uitm library..but i preferred uitm library because uitm library collections is much better than swinburne library..lets we see from IT section..of course swinburne is much better because the technology they use is very high..sorry k..bukan nak anok..just want to makes a comparison and doing research..chewah..thank you..then, after we interviewing mr asnan..we round2 one building and took some pictures..hey all the pictures i haven't upload yet..after that, we decided to go to the there..we just looking a round and kinah bought a story book at MPH bookstore..

so, from swinburne and the spring story..we moved to satok bazaar...haha...on the way to satok..we stucked in the traffic jam...ngahaaaaa...well the best part was, wan aka good driver tertidur time traffic light dah hijau...ish2...nasib me and salmi sedar...haha that is really2 the best of the best part...wan wan...then, we did some shopping at satok bazaar..on that day..sakinah belanja me and salmi..thank you kinah...hehe...we bought nasi ayam, air tebu, air jagung and nasi lemak...wan only bought some kuih yang hijau2..i dont know what is the name of that kuih..after shopping..we all going back to uitm..and stucked again in the traffic jam..we arrived at uitm around 6 p.m i was really tiring day..fuhhhh..kinah sempat tido dlm kereta..hehe..although it was tiring day but i like that day...really fun day..hehe..last but not least..wan thanx for the ride and thanx for being a good driver for us and thanx for everything.kinah also thank you for the food hehe..and salmi thank you for asking a lot question to mr asnan for our group..kmk org diam jak bah..hehe..ok i think enough story for that day...thank you for reading my blog aite...peace2!!

*wan kelak mintak gambar ya k*..hehe..

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