Friday, July 10, 2009

semester 4 first week

how's your first week??..
my first week is not really good..sometimes it was really2 bad,suck and sometimes it's look good...good meaning that i'm happy because i can see my old friend again especially my coursemate,roomates,unimates and krek geng..haha..i'm so glad to see you all guys again...ermm i dont have nothing much to say about my first week..only want to say that i really2 kebingung-an about my subsidi makanan, and i can't focus in my study..i also can't even concentrate myself in all class...i always dreaming this and that..sometimes i dream about something bad...grrrrrrrrr..geram tok....i hope next week i will force myself to focus and concentrate in class during lecture time..yeah hope so..yesterday is thursday and today is friday..OMG!..its friday today...haha...i love friday...and i hate monday...hugagaga..

talking about friday...yeah i dont have class on friday..same like last semester..actually faculty have AGM meeting..and i'm not going..i'm very lazy..i want to go back home..i want to wash my clothes..i want to rest..i want to download new songs and try to finish up my special work..oh yeah..on tuesday and wednesday..i got fever,flu,sore was really hot..ermm i mean the temperature of my body is very hot...i dont want to go to clinic..because i'm afraid for being quarantined..alaa u know..about H1N1 ryte..i just took 2 panadol..but these pills doesn't gave effect to me..i was changed to be active on that day...sosososo active...okeyh enough said..
i have a lot more story to say actually to you all but i dont have mood to write it,next i story again...bye2...good evening to all!!...and happy friday!!..


  1. hehe...
    lom ktk ya...
    p bena owh gk sesuaikn drk ngn 1st week.huhu
    rindu kmk ngn ktk eh..

  2. dri dulu smpai skung jumaat xxda kelas..jeles btol ;(

  3. setimah:..
    hehe...aok yalah tekkk.gik 1st week..ney nak ada asa singkul kit..
    kmk pun rindu ktk juak...sem tok nang xda jumpa lah kta..

    haha...iboh jeles..hehe..