Saturday, July 4, 2009

MMS short story

hye folks...
first of all..i would like to say that i have great and fun time during Minggu Mesra Siswa from 21st june until 2nd july,far freshie that i've knew quite friendly and kind..and only certain freshie that i found doesn't have good stubborn,rude,arrogant and the list goes on...just only certain ok..haha...ermm what else ah??..oh yeah i miss all biro-biro perubatan..kak maey,anna,sherra,jacq,wan,iqbal,farid,afza,and afiq..except salmi..haha..just kidding oit..and all PM was really nice working together with all of you guys..the most important thing is "kerjasama".. we always cooperate each others..lastly,insyaallah we will meet and work together again for next MMS semester..goodbye...


  1. hahah..
    cube bitaw sket sape freshie yg kurang ajar tu?
    biar sudu paggil diorg dan ragging!!

    ps;jum gemukkn bdan ;)

  2. hehe..
    adelah lah..
    sudu ragging bdk laki jewlah..

    eyh jum2 kta gemukkan bdn..hehe