Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just for fun

heyyy youuu!!
if you hate me..
i will hate you too..

if you like me..
i like you too..yeah

if u dont want to talk with me
it's fine..i dont care..talk to the hand

if you want to hit me
i will hit you back..

if you want my help..
sure,i will help you..

if you love me..
i will love you too plus i adore you so much..

if you add me
dont worry i will approve you..but i wont add you..

if you lie to me..
i will kick your ass...and i will give you a damn!!

if you ignore me
i will ignore you back..

if you dont want to be my friend..
just back off...go away..shushuhu...

i hate when someone is pretending to be good and nice
but the truth is..he/she is bad guy..i hate bad guy like youuuuu...

and lastly..
if you want to be like someone else..
just forget it..just be yourself..

*what is this all about??..*
nothing..just for fun for someone like me haha...bye2..


  1. zana luah perasaan eyh..
    kepada siapa kah ditujukan?jeng3..

  2. heheh...
    suka2 jak meluahkan perasaan..
    kepada siapa??..
    kepada sesiapa yg berkenaan..

  3. wahhhhh!!
    speechless mek bc eh..
    wei,blog mek x t'ato aie..
    mls mk ato lok..

  4. apahal u speechless??..
    ayih blog ktk ok jak mek tgk bah..

  5. yess
    i'm just fine..
    mek ok jak sudu..