Friday, July 31, 2009

H1N1 holiday is over

after one week holiday??..what should i do after that..
i'm going back to uitm..uitm here i come..campus life is back again...
want to meet my roomate,my levelmate blok2,my classmate,my unimate,my old friend and so on..i miss 2b0106,ISD4u1 group, and all2 member uitm so much...i miss them but i dont miss to study..haha..kidding week,will be the fourth week for this week is not included..i have 3 assignments..but only one done...other two not yet..still in progress..
starting this monday, class will start as usual..gosh...i'm so lazy..oh aleeya please dont be so lazy!!..u need to be more hardworking..yeah u are absolutely right...thanx..haha..this sem i want to increase my pointer atleast 3,study study this semester i've been through for three far it was ok but just a lil bit tough..especially the assignments...quiet hard for me...then,i'm gonna miss my facebook..because i'm addicted fb games...such as barnduddy and farmville game...i like this games so much and much...haha...ok that's all i just want to say for today...hugs and kisses from me...hahaha...chow!! i hate h1n1!!!


  1. well biasalhaaa...
    u know me..hahaa..
    game is the best..;p