Sunday, June 14, 2009

my semester 3 result

i got nothing to say..just want to tell you about my result is ok..but my pointer decreased again..and i passed all my papers...alhamdulillah..i got A- for my co-curriculum..yeah..i'm so killer subject i got B-..thank god..syukur kepada Allah s.w.t..and for my Bel 311 i got C+...syukur sekali lagi and thanx to Dr.Caesar De Alwis..he is my Bel lecturer and i like the way he teach us..hehe...although it was not a good grade but atleast i pass...susah bah Bel...ingt senang kah...yeah..maybe next sem i will try my best again and try to increase my sem new me...last but not least..i just want to say...thank you for those who had spent time for me for doing this and that for whole day that i've been through during the semester 3..oh i miss the semester 3..haha...ok..i want to go to kitchen..and looking for some food..saya sungguh lapar...haha..roger and out!!...


  1. mkan makan dan makan
    kmungkinn makan boleh mnaikkan pointer anda ;)