Friday, June 12, 2009

aleeya jo is back

assalamualaikum and very good evening..
well...first of all..i would like to tell u guys..that i'm back from KL,heloo bloggg and helooo again and again..hehe..i think about a weeks i'm not's been a while since my last update here..ok..

i have a lots of story that i want to share with u guys..i had great time and fun there with my family,my cousin and my friends...on the 7th june,i went to genting highlands with my siblings..waaa it was really fun and tiring day..we went there by bus..and its took 1 hour journey to go there from Kajang genting,i had played 3 outdoor games only and naik cable,the pusing2 one, and bumper-boat?...uh huh..can't recall..i got headache after playing the space-shot..huhu..that game is very crazy dude..gilaaa!!..that was first and the last...i dont want to play that games anymore...hell no!..actually,we supposed to go to genting on the 6th june(saturday)..but the ticket was sold out..agak kecewa..then,we decided to go genting on the day after that..

since,we changed our plan..we followed mak and abah went to Kuala Kangsar,Perak cause we have wedding cousin wedding..we arrived there around 3.30 was such a long family and i..very disappointed because we can't see the pengantin..sik sempat..its ok..janji dapat jumpa saudara-mara dr Perak..i was very happy dapat jumpa nenek kt kampung..oh yeah for your information, sepatutnya nya orang pegi kenduri pake ju kurung nak??..haha..but me??..i was wearing jeans and t-shirt...all of sis too except my mum..that was really unexpected ok..we didn't expect that we will go was really embrassing..huhu...oh nevermind..pengalaman bah..hehe..kami dr sarawak bah..orang jauh..haha..apakah?..

so,from perak and genting story..i move to another story...i had great time with my friends..pijul and sudu...we went to times square..we met like around 12.00p.m at KL sentral..then we took monorail tren..we had spent time until 6.00p.m..we did some shopping and was watching movie..17 again...that movie i like so much and it is about love story i guess??..zac efron is very handsome and hot!...haha..after that,these two guys sent me back to titiwangsa..thank youu was tiring day also..happy but a lil bit disappointed..cause yana supposed to go with us on that day but she said that her nenek doesn't allowed her to's ok lah..xda rezeki mok jumpa yana...but i really2 miss her so much...

oh yeah...before i forgot..i also met my classmates..wan..we lepakking and talking about something house and his house is not really far..for him..he said agak dekat and x jauh sgt..but still in house is in Kajang..sepanjang di KL,i was stayed there..percutian kali ini,i think it was the most vacation that i had spent a lot of my money..gosh!..i bought external hardisk,new clothes,and others crappy stuff..okeyh i think its enough said..tired mehh..later i story again about my trip..thank you for reading my blog aite...


  1. dgn sudu & wan!
    miss u a lot!

  2. hahah
    kak has mana adelah
    bez wo kenekn fafa kat times square

  3. hehe..
    kak has neyda dating..mek berjumpa ngan cdak duak..hehe..i miss u too penguin!!..

    haha...sudu ngn pijul nang ngegeh..