Monday, June 1, 2009

external hardisk lagi

i'm thinking to buy external hardisk..
but guys i need u opinion..
do you think it's worth if i buy it??
my sis said it's worth and very useful..
and my friend!!..cause my laptop pun memory banyak...
yeah its true...i know that..
ermm..i've been thinking to buy this thing more than one...
maybe thousand times dah..haha..
nevermind!!..i already make my own decision..
i think i'm gonna to buy it...
as long as the price is RM300 below
haha..klak budget x cukup lak...
oh yeah..this thursday..i'm going to KL..yippi..
i'm currently listening jesse mccartney songs-how do you sleep..
it is new song...and i like it....
berulang-ulang kali mek mendengar nya...
ok dah..habis cerita...
selamat malam saya ucapkan..


  1. daling,beli jak..
    mek pun plan mk beli tp not soooooooooooo soon la..

  2. okeyh bos..hehe..
    mek beli jak..k masa depan..