Tuesday, June 2, 2009

doing nothing

what are you doing right now??..
me...i'm doing nothing..just sitting outside of my house and there are 3 things in front of me..laptop,handphone and earphone...i can online here..the connection is very excellent..yesss i like it..the weather is very hot and beautiful scenery..silent surrounding also..i'm thinking to play bicycle...but my bicycle tyre is pancit..oh kesian...it's ok..so,what am i supposed to do now selain on9..study??..nooooo...haha...result will be coming out on 11 june..next week lah..it is really freaking me out..grrrrr..takut gilak2..i hope my result is ok lah..insyaallah...ohooohoho...it's 6.40p.m now..i was online here from 4.30-6.40..waaa quite long!!..my head, tulang blakang,kaki,and suma lah sakit duduk lamak gilak..so,better i go now before my mum call me..mun sik balit ada kenak merepak oleh mak klak...haha...okeyh..i chow chin chaw..later i blogging again..bye i mandi dulu k....dadada...

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