Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i'm so into dan humphrey

finally,i have finished watching gossip girl drama season 1...yesss...haha...i loves dan humphrey..he is so gorgeous and cute!..this drama is about all gossiping,loves,scandal and whatever things...i like this drama and sure i will watch it again..my friend said this drama is now in season 3..and i just finished watching the season 1 only...oh nevermind..tomorrow i want to continue to watch gossip girl season 2...yeah!..ok will write again later...bye2..dont miss me!..ahaks...

awwww..so handsome this guy!!..


  1. cpt nya ktk tgk...isk..
    kmk start pun blm..hihi

  2. well..
    hehehe..best ayih cta ya..best2..tgk gik nun..hehe

  3. Chuck juak best.. I like when the devil starts to become an angel. Dan jaik lak. Cis.. ngga jak season 2.

  4. menakah B??..arghhh tidak..mek bok jak nagga episode 1..nya mcm playboy jak dh..hoho..mun cmya mek suka chuck juaklah..heheee