Thursday, May 14, 2009

goodbye braces...

i went to tanah puteh clinic today..i went there with my appointment is in evening at 3.00 p.m..the treatment i received is very unsatisfying and i got bad news..the bad news is..i will miss tanah puteh doctor said that i will be not wearing braces anymore..and he will take off my braces on the next appointment...huaaaa...i will miss it..and i dont know how does it looks without wearing braces...oh nevermind..but my doctor said that my teeth is good and look nice already especially the lower about upper??..i think the upper is still not ok, they decided to take off the upper on the next doctor asked me some question, are you satisfied??...honestly,i dont have feeling about that and i said not really..then,they asked why?..i answered..gigi yg atas still have space and stil,they only take off the lower one only..i mean braces yg bawah di bukak first..(dentist called the lower is for gigi bawah and upper for gigi atas)..haha kamus bahasa for is so paintfull...ouchhhh..i thought only when pasang sakit but bukak pun sakit juak..only god knows how was it next appoinment is on 25 may 2009 at 2.30 p.m..this will be my last is so sad..

history about my braces...ermm i'm wearing braces since i was 16 on the july 2005..form 4 i i'm going to be,it's been almost 4 years now i'm wearing braces..time is running very fast...last words before i left...i'm gonna miss it a lotttttt...sayang bah!!..arghhhhhhhhh!!...

haha..i know..i face is weird ryte?..
so,this is how my face looks like when...braces kt bawah dah di bukak..hehe...


  1. wasey!!!!
    akhirnya...bukak juak..
    spt yang kmk duak kak has slalu tanyak bila nak bukak braces..haha
    tapi syg xsmpat nak tgk.. alah xboleh la kaco ktk gigi besi gk..

    jadi sebelum upper braces bukak.....kmk nak ngaco lok:



  2. haha..
    aok dh bukak dh..dibah jaklah..atas belom...hahaa tunggah jaklah sepuas2 nya sebelom mek bkk yg upper ya..
    tp mek tetap akan rindu lah ngan braces mek ya..hehe..
    and mek rindu klak org x tunggah mek gigi besi gik..haha..

  3. ok..
    hakuna matata!
    kmk orang akan nunggah ktk gg besi gik..haha

  4. apa hakuna matata?..
    aok tunggah jaklah..haha..

  5. waaahh..adik ku syg~ akhirnya..
    tahniah sbb x perlu pkey braces gk..
    mesti byk peminat gk dr dlok kan? lol
    i'm gonna miss ur braces.

  6. hakuna matata means no worries...

  7. heheee..
    yeah spt yg kamu tunggu2 kan..braces sy bukak jugak..
    penguin ngegeh..
    yeah me going to miss my braces too..

    oh ok..
    phm dh kak cmah..hehe...

    no worries oh..

  8. B!! Wow, sama posing kita duak mcm gmbr ku dlm fb.. hehe.
    Iyer~ Makin byk fanatic fan nya klak. Dah la nak jadi kakak PM, ayu na kakak PM tok

  9. haha..menakah?.. email fb ktk?..mek xda fb ktk..aisehmen..boh pdh cmya..haha..
    eyh belom tauk giklah dpt kah x jd kakak pm..blom kuar pun nama..