Thursday, May 21, 2009

i'm the boss again

assalamualaikum and hyeee folkss..
tonight my mum is going to kl and she will be coming back on the 24th,i will be the boss again and usually,my mum give me a lot of task...such as siram pokok bunga,clean the house,sweep the floor,always keep the door close and lock it up..and taking a good care of house...orait..i will do it..for me, that task is a normal things...ermm ok...lets go to other,i woke up late around 1 p.m..because last night i sleep at 5.30 a.m...i'm fasting today ..thats why i sleep late last night..sahur sekali..sahur mkn mee maggi jak campur telur and cheese..haha..then,after i woke up...i on my laptop and handphone...received 3 messages...all of the msg i wrote same reason for the late reply..soriii geng...hehe...oh yeah i like to read some article, short story and poem from my magazine favourite part is when the short story is about sad or loves story..waaaa...tersentuh perasaan aku..haha..okeyh before i left, last sunday i had lost playing monopoly with my lil bro...kmk sgt2 lah bankrupt eyh and my lil bro is very rich cause he bought so many hotels and houses..and got a lot profit from it..and me..arghhhhh...pokai money is 0.00...hahaa...and my lil bro is the winner...menang besar's ok..later,we play again and it is a revenge time...


  1. bapak u ney? Ya bruk big boss of the house. U ngan adik u jak ka??

  2. 24th may? wah.. hafiz pun blt kuchg 24th may..hehe

    since u r the boss, jom kita kuar..ahaha ;p

    miss u two faces..

  3. ayih B..bapak mek neyda di kuching..nya keja kt johor..yeah i'm the big boss now..hahaa..aok mek ngan adik mek jak di umah...

    kak cmah aok 24 hafiz dtg kuching..hee..ada mak mek pdh x sama flight tek..ish syg2..hehe..
    yeahh jomlah..kita kuar ajak B n penguin..mun penguin lom blt..

    i miss u too two faces...

  4. penguin balit hari sabtu..
    so, masa nak kuar cuma ada hari esok..huhu
    tapi mun btl2 nk kuar, inform kmk.hehe..

    u miss urself?

    hehe ;p

  5. eyh..salah2...haha...
    mek miss ktk juak joker..hehee..
    pahal mek pande slh indh..haiyaa..

    oh esok jak oh?..
    ok..klak mek pdh gik..mek dh msg nya tek..ktk mok kuar x?..hehee

  6. hahaha
    fafa mmg tak terer dalam menguruskan duitt..
    lelaki mmg hebat belaka..
    ey bpe hari lagi kene ganti puasa?
    gud luck ;D