Sunday, May 24, 2009

careless mistakes

aleeya jo, are you doing ok?? i'm not...i'm not so ok...arghhhh...what is wrong with you today?..i dont know what is wrong with me..i make a careless mistakes...what mistakes that u've done??..ermm ok guys..let me tell you...hari ini iaitu 24 may telah membuat kesalahan yang amat cuai sekali...cuai teramat sangat..and the careless mistakes is..."kunci kereta tertinggal di dlm kereta"...ngahaha...
first, i sent my lil bro and cousins went to Pustaka Negeri Sarawak..then,i stopped at choice super mall...cause hungry..hmmm...kfc is my choices..time makan ya baruk sedar yg kunci tertinggal di dlm kereta..aduh!!...nerves dah..i dont know who's should i call?...the first people i called is my sis marah2 and she tried to calm me..then,i asked my cousin to call her mum(auntie also known as udak)...udak pun marah2,merepak...akhir2 tolong juaklah...both of us was waiting for them about 15 minutes...udak bought my others cousin..first2, we tried with using kunci spare..but it was useless..we keep thinking and searching idea how to open it..i was sitting under the tree..merenung nasib yg telah dialami ..suddenly,my cousin got idea..he said "apa kata kta g mintak tolong kt car wash ya"..we went there and try to find some help..fuhh..finally,the workers helped us..sungguh bermurah hati..nang cepat lah cdak polah kerja..they only using ruler to open the was so easy...selama tok,aku bok sedar..patutlah pencuri senang mok curi kereta oh...duhal cmya jak cdak bkk pintu..waaaaaaaaaaaa...ok...sungguh senang!..after that,we went back home..i asked udak to drived..i dont want to drive..i was a lil bit shocked,scared,nerveous gila babi,trauma,fobia and itokkkkkk..huhu...i feel so ashamed...and my mum didn't knew about this actually..i will kept this as a secret..maybe later i will tell my mum..just give me a time..

i never knew that this thing will be happen to me..cause before this i pernah bercerita ngan kak has pasal,benda dah nak jadi..jadilah...learn from mistakes...ok peeps...don't be so careless ok..otherwise u will be like me too...haha..


  1. astaga..
    baruk marek cta pasal tok..
    xpa..perkara yg udah berlalu,lupakkan.ok...

  2. yaaaa lah...itok mek..nang bbok cita pasal tok tba2 kmk kenak..haha..itokkkk...itok2
    aok..benda dh nak jadi..jadilah..apa leh buat nak...nasib xda pa2..

  3. zana..zana..
    u're really careless man...
    learn from mistake..
    lain kalin check everything b4 u go out frm d car..

  4. okeyh bos...ingat.. akan sentiasa ingat