Sunday, April 12, 2009


tonight is really hot...and,i woke up around 11.30p.m...then,i took bath and went to my grandma's house..taken lunch there..because my mom is not around..she is in KL and will be back on monday..only me n my bro at is so house is so sepi..after that,my cousin arrived at my house around 12 like that...before my mum is leaving to KL..she gave me a lot of task..really?..not a lot..a lil is the list of my task...

1) cuci baju
2) buang sampah
3) siram pokok bunga mak..haaha
4) always keep the door and gate close..
5) make sure everything is clean n clear in house
6) lastly take care of house..

woooooww....hehe...ok yes sir!..i will do all of need to worry about..oh yeah..i can't study today..i only study a few chapter only then i played computer games...damn!..i'm so tension...i think i want to set up my mind for tomorrow...that i really2 need to study..CTU is my fisrt is so many fact to memorize...before i left..i want to set my alarm and maybe i try to wake up early tomorrow to study in the morning...ok it's 2.25 am now...good morning! everyone...its time me to go to bed...byeeeeee...zzzzzzzz....