Saturday, April 4, 2009

final exam is back again!!

my first paper will be start on 22nd April 2009 and finish on 8th may 2009..
on the 22nd is CTU 264 paper..then,24th is Bel paper is IMD255 on the 26th...waaaaa so near..i mean the gap between Bel 311 and IMD 255 paper is very near..for me this paper quite,i need to study harder..ok after next paper is on the 3rd may and my last paper will be on 8th may..oh am i will be the last one among of my roomates??..maybe yes and maybe not because i haven't look siti pun examination schedule yet..ermmm..i have to many to think about..first,next week i have grouping and individual presentation and i'm very nervous until now..i want all this thing is over rite now..but i cant..second,i also have test..test test test..aiyooo..third,i'm so shy,scared,nervous and whatever feeling inside my head to present next week..arghhh damnit..i dont know how to solve this thing..sigh!..huhu..huh i dont want to think about that..all i want to do ryte now is i want to concentrate about my final and try to focus in class..can i do this??..insyaallah...and yes i can do it..

i'm currently listening florida new song right round feat katy perry..yeah!


  1. gud luck k..
    mekrang pn,bru abes 4 tests in a week.tension wek just prsentation.on wednesday,balik!yay!

    imd 255 ya xssh sgt coz its all about dept in d library.d sket2 imd 101 n 102,asl phm konsep,it will be ok!

    kamek da beli tiket balik on 6th May!jgn jeles!heee..~

  2. thank youu I..
    bestlah takorg dh test suma..
    ktk balit kah?..huaaaaa...hehe..
    enjoy ar..

    thanx 4 ur advice..mek dh try ada yg xpat mek phm juak..klak lah mek baca gik suma..mek lom start blaja gik tok.

    ngegeh ktk ya..
    xpa2..mek abis 8 bah..lmbt 2 ari jak..hehe..