Friday, February 13, 2009

tired being bored!!..

hye kawan2..

today i went to the spring and i bought flip was not really expensive..
around RM30 sumthing..i just bought it and i dont care either it's worth or not or whatever..
but i think it is worth lah..haha..yahoooo..i have new flip flop now...yippi..
and here i have some picture to show to you all......enjoy...huhu..

ini dia my new flip flop..huh??..haha..
kacak sik???kacak kan kan...

ok others picture is during my ppkp, my 203 group members and trip to kampung sebandi,samarahan...daaaaa

during ppkp..

time class..oh kmk x tgk camera..

candid by kinah at perpustakaan desa kpg sebandi matang

peace2 yo..haha..

my group members for imd 203..lets me introduce you my group..
from left,shanta,natie,salmi,me,evelyn,mo,clara,paul and kinah..

ok i'm done...that's all..see you later..
my current mood:tired and sleepy..zzzzzz
currently listening uitm song-uitm dihatiku..ehehehe..


  1. flop ya,ada yg kacak gik bah..lak mek mok bli..huhuhu!!

  2. hahaha..
    flop ya jaiklah..coba tak tgk pic ya bena2..adakah itu nmpk baru??..hehe..

  3. huh..flip flop ktk part 1 dolok. wujud gik upanya.ahahaha..
    tunjuk la flip flop baru ya..hehe..

  4. ahaha..
    xlah..nya dh kenak buang dh oleh mak mek..hehe..klak mek ngeso flip flop baru mek ah..x suprise lah..haha..lgpun flip flop mek biasa jak..