Saturday, February 14, 2009

i'am kaki bangku! and i'm so scared!!..

oh saturday i have to play futsal..i'm so scared and nervous..u know why i'm so scared?..because i dont know how to play it..hahaha..i told my mum that i forgot how to play futsal..then she answered come u forgot it?..hehe..then my adik menyampuk..he said.."ayih ney da org lupak main bol..pelik da jak" i told him.."kmk lmk dh x main bah..mek asa sepak bol gik mek dh lupak juak kali"..haha..i suppose to train futsal today with my bro..but i buzy..cheh buzy ah..buzy with onlining..arghh melepas lah aku..abislah..klak time main..gasak jaklah..i hope that i dont have any serius injury..actually i play futsal just to get cop persatuan..only for,kinah,salmi,montel,setimah and 3 others girl will play futsal as a wakil for part 3...fuhhh nervous2! here's a list the important things that i will bring for this week..take note!..haha..

1) kasut for main futsal...
2) mee maggi..haha perlu kah?..
3) stokin yg berbau..hehe
4) girl things...
5) tin kosong..for recycle day klak..i need 20 lah
6) and lastly is the most important tnings of my life is money..haha..

ready-defend-tackle-passing-kick-attack-then tackle again-kick as much as u can-goallll!!.. motto for futsal...we do it for kick!..

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