Saturday, January 3, 2009

why u tahan it??

30th december 2008..

i came back to uitm without telling my roomate..kira want to suprised them lah..they all was.."shocked sampe heart attack" haha..just kidding.. because i came back earlier than they thought..i told them that i will be back on the 4th of jan 2009..but i changed my mind..
on that nite,salmi texted me..she said that.."fafa,mdm IM suruh dtg class lah..nya ckp nya mok berik assignment..urgent bah..mun x dtg..mdm x akan repeat apa dipdh nya", i asked my mum and tell her mum said, i packed my things and says goodbye to my home.......tomorrow..31st december,my first class started...oh i hate morning class..but i was very happy because salmi says that ira will come to uitm..i'm very looking forward to see her again..iraaaa...but ira a lil bit rushed on that day because she wants to settle down her...ermm about her quit..something like that la..then,me,kinah and salmi..hugged her and says goodbye for "saat-saat yg terakhir with her"...sob sob sob..sedih2..i try to "tahan" not to cry and yes i can "tahan" it...huhu..but

*someday i will cry and cry and cry as much as i can..when i'm thinking about my past*....
my current mood for today:...sad and sad...
to be continue.......

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