Saturday, January 31, 2009


assalamualaikum and hey readers!
long time no see huh..hahaha..ok
i just came back from sibu yesterday..
on the 29th January 2009...
it was such a long journey..
from sibu to sarikei and kuching..
i arrived in kuching at 6.00 p.m...
i was really2 exhausted but i had fun..
i went there with zyrah and kak has..
actually i followed kak has balik kampung...
and that was my first time i went there during Chinese new year..
i've been to sibu before with my family but not during Chinese new year time..
i almost remembered all the name of the road in Sibu..
because every night kak has will bring me and zyrah pegi raon2..hehe..
i think wisma sanyan is the biggest shopping mall in Sibu..
we went there on the second day with amy(kak has classmate in uitm)..
and i met salmi and her "geng"..haha..i was very happy..
on the third day until fifth...we all went to visiting...
because it's chinese new year meh..and fyi,..dapat ang pow oh..haha..
i got so many ang pow..and kira2..almost RM40.00 i!..
then, i almost drink "alcohol" u know..
mcm tok ceritanya..kmk 3 pegi ekot bapak kak has g visiting..
tiba2 org rumah kwn bapak kak has ya..hidang aik shandy or candy kah?..haha.
hampir2 i mok minum nya..nasib kak has pdh ya bkn aik coke
because it was really like air coke lah..hehehe..fuh..but
before kmk nang ada cium aik ya bah..sungguh pelik bau nya...
ok enough of the story..
i have a lot of assignment now..i need to finish it up..
so i have to stop...later i story again..bye2...

gud morning!!..
i'm currently listening the oldies song..haha..
hug and kiss everyone..;p bluekkk


  1. wah bauu...
    long time no c u.
    Amiey yang kurus2 ya ka?
    Kwn has..

  2. yeah2..
    klak main uno gik bau ah..hehe..
    aok amy yg kurus2 ya..ayih classmate ktk juak lah nak?..bkn kwn kak has sorang nak..

  3. nya ikut ktkorg gi visiting juak ka?
    Apa polah nya di sibu? Nya tiod umah has juak ka?

  4. oh sik..
    nya ekot mek org kuar jak ria..b4 chinese new year mek org kuar bah..n nya tdo umah abg nya..