Monday, December 22, 2008

welcome back!..

it was such a long journey..
my flight last nite was delayed..i hate delay flight..
dhlah lmk gik flight is supposed to be at 8 but nya delayed ke 11.30 pm..
suck!..and alhamdulillah selamat sampe ke kuching...
i miss my home,my room and my laptop..hahaa..
but i really2 enjoyed this holiday..yihaa..i miss my abah house at tdo umah abah coz nya berangin.hehe..i met so many "gai" people...haha..and handsome2 pun ada in singapore..going to singapore is really2 exhausted..nang berjalan jak2 kan time mek org tgh brjln..mek suka tgk geng2 skuter tok..stylo beb..haha..ok2 then,we went to mustafa center and arab street..looking for souvenir shop..a few hours later,(asa polah esei asa)..hehe..we went to maple.."mamak place"..for lunch..the food was sooooosoosooo x nyaman..haha..nang mknn org india bah..actually i like their entahlah..speechless..;p
on 18th december 2008...result kuar..and i'm really2 nervous..sampe skt perut mok tuttut..haha..finally,jeng jeng..close ur eyes..and open ur eyes slowly..cak..oh man! result drop lah..but alhamdulillah..i pass..fuhhh...i have done it with my best..and u noe what? kokurikulum subject..i got A-..haha..and paper yg plg aku takut gilak2..ctu 151..i only got c+..esei aku polah 3 igek jak...sepatutnya 4..haha..i make mistakes..i didn't read the "arahan" clearly..and my killer sub..and thank god i got c..thank u sir sem try gik bena2..past is past..back to my holiday story again..i bought so many things in kl..many kah?..not so many lah..only 1 or 2 things..i just consider it as a necessary things..hoho..pokai dh aku..maybe i want to saving money again..but wait?..for what mp3?ipod?..haha..hell no..hp james bond sony ericsson ya..kacak oh..hehe..eyh no lah..kmk gik masih sayang ngan hp kmk..klak jeles nya klak mun beli hp baru..hehe..eleh mcmlh kmk ada duit mok beli new hp..this year i think the most year i spent a lot of my money..ok enough mission is i want to sleep nyaman2..i ..hahaha..jom jamming!..