Thursday, December 25, 2008


as u all know..
2008 dh nak abis
and 2009 is just around the corner..
only 6 days left to go..

oh 2008!..
i will miss you..
there were a lot of sweet memory in 2008
ok lets we begin from january k..
ermm january kah?..xda peristiwa menarik..
eyh wait ada..kmk masuk a part 1 haha..
i'm freshie!..sgt2 lah fresh!!..hehe..before ya kmk
pra diploma..oh i miss precomm!..
ok enough..
february gik..ermm nahh..
nothing happen in this month..
yeah..playing futsal..on 20 march 2008...we have
futsal competition inter-part was
organised by faculty of info management..
yalah first time i main futsal with ira,uun,salmi,azy,ina,musuh and aina..
nama team mek org "q-mark freshie"..haha..n mek org dpt top 3 and team laki top 2..
first time main futsal n first time lah dpt medal..
how about april?..
final exam..for my semester 1..then holiday for about 2!..
from itu sosososo boring! but i like!..
jun-i met my long lost friend from kl with ziela...haha...long time no see ya...u are totally different and good looking..haha
julai...haha..kmk dh semester 2..part 2 dah..
august..."hari merdeka yg ke-51 Malaysia" this month,i bought my new hp sony ericsson walkman w something2..shake2..shake it..haha..
september..fasting month!..bulan yg mulia..hehe..
celebrating hari raya..bermaaf-maafan..rindu raya! haha..and i went to kl..g convo kakak week i escaped class..haha..then,final................exam.....oh yeah!..
on 21st october, the best day ever and i'm turning 19!..haha..penguin,joker,ninja turtle,zirah,salmi,yna n khadil..thank u 4 da suprise n cake..hehe and my family also..yeah!..
and pergaduhan antara kawan is the worst thing that have never been happen before..and sampe nightmare kmk olehnya..huhu...
november is holiday...haha..
dicember-this month lah kan kan?..haha..result kuar and g holiday..daaaaa....

happy new year!...
thank you for reading my blog..

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