Sunday, September 28, 2014

not that easy to quit!!

why it is so hard for me to have a good job??
i have job but just a temporary..ok let me tell you guys something..i'm currently working at kota damansara as personal assistant..helping my boss..which company?? working with company that deal with clients about investment..everyday i will do the same routines until end of the months i got monthly salary is like cukup cukup makan for me..

the pro and cons
to be honest..i love the environments of working here because been surrounded with a good, kind, friendly, easy going people..I've been working here for one year and three months..there were a lot of things i had been through thick and thin moment here..i cherished every moment and will write it on my diary..even though my salary is not that high and beyond my expectation.i will take it and being very long as i'm happy..and it is halal income..

to be frank, i really want to quit this job due to first, transportation and second, salary problems but i was thinking if i quit then, i still, i decided to continue until i get better work at other places makes me think twice or more than that..i'm slow actually..i need time and it is so hard for me to cope and adapt something new again in my life..

my mind always tell me to give up but my heart won't let me to..because this year i had three interviews but none of them is available for me..i failed!!..feeling very stupid that i just wasting my time, my money..after i checked my email..try to ignored the sad feeling with listening music, playing games and praying..then, i'm is not that easy..sometimes life is truly unfair but i thanks to Allah s.w.t for everything..alhamdulillah..

whatever matter how, where, why and when it happened..i still have Allah family and friends who always lend a helping hand, being a good adviser and supportive to me.. i love you guys so much..


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