Monday, April 11, 2011

dammy fackyy shitty!!

my life being so suck lately
i wish i have such a wonderful life..
i wish that i can fullfill all my dreams..
i wish that i have a lot of money that can bring me a happiness and reduce stress
i wish that i have friends who shared my happiness and sad moments
and are always ready to lend a helping hand in times of need..
i wish that i got such a brilliant brain so that i can be smart like others..
i wish i can be happy everyday..
i wish i can turn back time and fix back all the damn things that ruined my life..
i'm sorry if i have done something wrong to you all...
and lastly, my mood feel very disaster like hell..

*no mood to focus!!*


  1. ohmygod, fafa..

    are you okay, darling?

    what happened?

    tell me, what is it?

    anyway, you're unvited to read my new blog. it's

    thank you ;D

  2. OMG!! darling kinah...i'm ok already...later i will tell u everything ok...hehe...eyh new blog kah??..waaa..oraitt klak mek baca...