Tuesday, February 1, 2011

segamat banjir!!

this happened on the mid semester break..ermm between 29 or 30 january i guess..and this picture is from someone facebook..so i curi ambik because i want to share with you..and i just got to know that bandar segamat banjir teruk after i heard news on the radio yesterday..i hopes that bandar segamat will be ok as soon as possible..bdw, i've been read a lot at facebook status about the news flood in segamat and mostly my friends who's staying in segamat..being worried all the time because rumah sewa banjir and so many things and stuffs can't be saved..me feels so pity and i dont know how to help them..just hoping that there gonna be ok..alhamdulillah, uitm segamat still ok and nothing happened there..

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