Thursday, January 6, 2011

stop crying ok!

hye and hello everyone!!..'s been a while since i last updated my blog..ermm me doesn't have mood want to update blog..and today, i feel want to update..rindu blog lah..ok first of all, i just want to tell you that i'm currently studying in UiTM segamat, johor...i'm taking course bachelor in information science (hons) (records mangament)..since it was new year..2011..there will be new me, new life, new chapter, new semester, new subject, new topic, new friend and the list goes on...about my previous rayuan for tuka campus was not accepted...i felt very upset like is just because one technical problem..and that thing ruined everything..damn you!!..all of my friend now studying in puncak perdana shah alam..i'm so jealous!!..only me and my friend, syuk here..ermmm after diberi kaunselling and nasihat by my family and friends..i think i should go for my future...mostly people said to me that rugi if tak, dengan ini..saya blablabla..ingin merelakan diri pergi ke uitm segamat dengan sorang diri tanpa kawan2..huh hampa, sedih, kecewa, mengenang nasib ku ini yang dipinggirkan dan ditikam jauh..maybe i can learn something new..who knows??..only Allah s.w.t knows...bdw, i will assumed that i'm going to PLKN...anggap diri ku ini di PLKN..ngeeeee...

then, about my first feeling was so sad..i don't feel excited at scared you was very tiring day also..sangat lah tired tidak terkata..and i felt very sad that day because my family want to leave me..i cried that day...maluu oh roomates tengok..oh yeah talking about my roomates..i like them at all hehe...oklah...rite now i'm trying to makes myself feel comfortable and better at's just around 5 days i'm here...i'm new ok!!..1st day g class sesattttt..i just knew where the library was...thanx to my roomates, mira..because you have showed me where the location was..huhu.oh ya..i had given one week holiday by my Ketua Program..oh shut up!..why??..ya Allah mati keboringan oh..i dont know what to do..everyday i eat, on9 and sleep...that's all..sob sob sob...i miss UiTM samarahan, sarawak!!!....


  1. be strong. u'll get used to that place one day :)

  2. insyaallah..i'm trying!!..thank you siti!!!..

  3. fa, boh sdih2 k
    kuatkan drik ktk
    insyaallah ktk akn sayang johor :)

  4. thankkk youu my honey bunny bee!!

  5. PLKN..erm, jgn cmya lalink..
    i noe u can do it...