Monday, January 24, 2011

miss crazy chicken!!

10 things that i really miss!!..

a) i miss teh c peng special..
b) i miss kuching
c) i miss my home..
d) i miss my little cutie cuzen, hadeeff..
e) i miss uitm samarahan..
f) i miss kolej gading..
g) i miss my my geng animal and friends..
h) i miss to drive..
i) i miss streamyx
j) and lastly, of course i miss my family sosososo much!!!..mak, abah, abg,kaknyah and alip...


  1. aww, honey..don't be sad

    we're always pray for you k

    take care, love you :)

  2. okeyhhh..thanx..u too ok..
    i love u too..;p