Saturday, November 20, 2010

Braces Braces Braces!!

hye hye topic is about BRACES or PENDAKAP GIGI!!..first of all, i want to say that i miss my braces so so so much and i want to use it's been a year i took my braces off..i've been wearing braces for 4 years and the half..i wore braces when i was 16 years old..i'm still in high school,form 4..wearing braces is really painful and sometimes makes me feel very emo or unstable emotions because it was really hurt when the doctor tightened the braces for every month..every month i've an appointment to the dentist or ortodhontic dental (especially for braces)..i really miss that moment..eventhough, i always complain about the management of that clinic is not really good because not really punctual..for example, my appoitnment supposed to be at 2..but it was taking really so took me to wait around 1 or 2 hours...gosh!!..but it's ok..i don't care actually..i love wearing mum is the one who is always bring me went there every month..sometimes she have to take a leaves or half day work..i really appreaciate that mum..i love u mum!!..

since the braces have been removed, i'm using retainer..retainer and braces looks alike but not really the same and it's quiet different..mostly people will use this after the braces have been removed..right now, i'm still using retainer and doctor said that i will use it permanently until forever..the reason for wearing a retainer is to make sure your teeth don't go back to the way they were.. i mean back from the original one...retainer is very important things and the only options to keep the teeth, i follow anything what doctor ask me to do..because i want my teeth keep perfect and nice..ngeee..i will bukak the retainer if i want to eat or brush my teeth..i know it's seem hard right??..errmm what to do?..stop complain la if u want to keep ur teeth perfect..haha ok! retainer is part of my life month, i've an appoitnment..i'm going to see dentist!..hello doctor Alex!..

i miss my braces!!! but oh please ignore my face...haha..

and lastly say hi to my retainer...awwwww..

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