Friday, July 30, 2010

today diary

aishh..sik boleh kah article ya dalam bahasa melayu???...tension tauk sik..i dont understand all the articles that i had read..only a certain word i do understand..i'm trying to understand it and keep reading the articles in many times..but still can't understand it...gosh!!..this is really torturing me..i've been read the articles for the whole day..i asked my sister, my mum and my friend about the articles...all of them also dont understand just like me...ermm..i really need someone to help me..someone that very very very very good in english...all the words and terms that used in the articles is really killing me..i never heard the word before..besides, i never knew the existence of certain words..right now, dictionary is so important to me..dictionary is part of my life and my, i called them dixie..dixie is short name for dictionary..haha...oh yeah..i hate reading!!..reading a book such a boring..some people like to read a book...but not for a conclusion, i must say that i like to read!! that i can understand what the articles is about..i have 6 articles to read..i'm so dead!!..and i need to start to do a summary for every each of articles from today...tomorrow, my faculty have organize another activity but i'm not going due to lazyness of me..