Sunday, July 18, 2010

my earphone

meet my new and old earphone..hello sony bla bla bla..and from the 1st picture until 4th picture was my previous earphone..and the 5th picture is the latest earphone of mine..i really like the colour..actually i want to buy the green colour but so expensive..out of my budget..ahh nevermind..janji sony!! hoping that this earphone will be lasting forever..haha i hopes so..i loveessss sony!!..oh yeah bdw, i want to congratulate for all SPAIN fan...congratulations!!..yeah finally SPAIN made it..and for the first time SPAIN won FIFA World Cup 2010..nice game!!..nice david villa..and Andres Iniesta puts SPAIN on top of the world..for the teams that lost, try again k in another 4 years..2014, next world cup will be hosted by see you again..and GERMANY!!..bye-bye 2010 world cup..

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