Wednesday, May 26, 2010

no-ting-just-stupid story

playstation a video game console developed by was released in 1994 that can be known as psone..followed by playstation 2 in 2000 and playstation 3 in 2006..playing ps games is one of the best way to release tension or stress or whatever..but it is sometimes can bring a negative impact to us..ermm ok just forget about, i would like to tell everybody that when i was in high school, i likes to play ps games..really2 loves it..right after school, i dont care about anything else..all i want to do is playing game game...but now, i'm not a game lovers..i mean not really so into ps games..and because of this i want to blame internet..internet you had changed my life..and yupp..internet had changed my life..because of internet la..i just leaves the playstation and not playing ps, my ps is not working..rosak sudah!..

so,bye2 ps and hello internet..since ps dh rosak, internet lah my saviour..i can't live without do you ryte?..this week is my 3rd week holiday..still have more weeks to go before my 6 semester so boring at home..i'm really2 dont know what to online everyday boring...i want to hang out with my friend..malas..haiyaaa...macam mana ini?..any suggestions?? me or text me at this number...1-300-88-2525..haha..i'm using my own line..that line is PUSUK line..x main lah digi,maxis or celcom..boooooo uuuu...

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