Sunday, March 28, 2010

about complaining

please stop complaining and comparing la...i hate it when you always complain complain complain then you compare..ney nak sik manas orang???..ok2..i know...everyone like to complain about this and that..including me..i also like to complain...because i love it..i repeat i loveeeee to complain haha..but before you complain about something please please lah consider people feelings first...sometimes not all people can accept it..every person have different emotional appearances or behaviour or what..some of them might be a very sensitive person or emo..besides there were a lot of pros and cons in this situation..about my situation is like hell..actually you no need to complain..i mean nothing really to complain, absolutely nothing, nothing..for me, it is just i need to mention it??..tell it??..better no is just small matter...ok another thing, i never realized that how my complaining affected other people and just for that i'm sorry...i repeat sorry ok.."sorry naik lori pergi miri makan strawberry perisa kari la", readers does complaining makes yo feel better or feel worse???..feel free to answer...

1 comment:

  1. pa kes tk?
    stori2 la..
    btw,whoever he/she,tandah jak nya..
    lak ada org bls bh..
    ari tk ari ktk,esok2 hari nya gk..