Friday, February 12, 2010

a relationship

there is only one thing that i'm really scared of...i'm scared of getting involved in a relationship...the reason why is because i'm scared of losing him, i hate the words "break up"..that words will makes cry me i knew, i had seen a lot of people whose in a relationship will ended up with break up..aaaa not all lah..some of them..then, they will crying, crying as much as they want to...sometimes i feel so kesian especially one of them is my friend or family or someone that i a friend or part of family, i will try to help them..ermm actually, i'm not really expert in helping them in this situation...because i dont have any experience ok...oh please forgive me as getting a relationship there were a lot of risk or consequences that we may faces..but people doesn't care about that...they just ignore and just move on as long as it doesn't effect them..

fyi, i never getting involved in any relationship...and i'm single...i like to being single than couple..for is really makes me feel comfortable...we can do whatever we like...we can talk or hang out with everybody..nothing to worried about..haha...kidding me!..orait..i have one story to tell you..old time story where is i like to see this guys...i really2 adore him and i admiring him since i was in high school..but i'm afraid to know or talk to him..for me, me and him is not in same level..he is clever and maybe i'm not his,better i'm out and just forget about him..and besides i hate of being rejected by someone..haha...oh yeah,i never been rejected ok...talking about i remembered, i have rejecting a few guys that want me to be his girlfriend..i'm sorry because i rejected you...this is not because i hate you or dont like is just i'm not ready for this yet...and like i said before i'm scared...and maybe, maybe someday i will met someone that makes me fall in love or whatsoever, who is he??..only god knows...


  1. biasa lah ya..breakup2 ya..
    bgus nya ktk lom brgerek gk, sgt2 bertuah ktk pun bakal husband sbb dpat hati suci ktk :)
    keep it up! smoga ktk jumpa dgn org yg betul2 jodoh ktk :)

  2. hehe...yupp2..
    tauk mek..ya pekra biasa...
    aisehmen..boh pdh mcm ya..hehe...
    oh thank youu siti..insyaallah..hehe...