Saturday, January 23, 2010

prenz or friend??

i love to make new friends and meeting new peoples..i like to be friends with anyone which mean with a boy or making new friends is not very hard as long as u know how to start the conversation between u and that person..example like being nice or easy going..well, for me the way i make new friends..i just say hello and smile nicely...haha..i was a lil bit shy or didn't know how to start it over..sometimes i will wait until that person approach me first with asking me a question..i will answer and i ask the same question back...then, it turns into a conversation which can be turns into a friendship..i'm very bad at making friends..i'm not really friendly or social or teachers at school always told my mum that i'm a quiet person in the class..haha..i'm budak baik bah..just previous school was st.teresa secondary is a girl boys!!..boys school just in front of my school..which is st.joseph secondary school...

i have a few of guy friends that i knew from st.joseph school..but they all now were drifted away..some of them still study and some lost contact already....i like to have a lot of guy friends..mostly, a guy friend that i have or knew..very kind to me and some of them are very close to me..since, i'm studying in uitm..i have found a lot of good friends, friends who shared my happiness and sad moments and are always ready to lend a helping hand in times of need..a good friend and best friend forever i think is not a same categories for me..and you know why?..because i dont believe in terms of best friend forever..anything can happen i know..a best friend or BFF can be an enemy kan kan kan..a good things can go bad things..okeyh enough said..i have one assignment to finish it up..adobe photoshop!!..

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